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Presidents - Election
Presidents - Biography
Biographies of presidents can be found in alphabetical order by the president's last name.

353.03 J

Managing the White House;: an intimate study of the Presidency.

Johnson, Richard Tanner

353.03 M

Presidents of the United States;: the story of their lives, closely interwoven with the vast political and economic changes of the Nation

McConnell, Jane (Tompkins

973.91 J

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Presidents and the people, 1929-1959

Johnson, Walter

920 A v. 2

The American heritage pictorial history of the presidents

923.1 w


B Reagan

An American life

Reagan, Ronald

B Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Coit, Margaret L

B Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Sandberg, Peter Lars

B Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln: the freedom president

Sloate, Susan

R 923.1 W

The American presidents: biographies of the Chief Executives from Washington to Bush

Whitney, David C